Coni Meets Brandon

Coni is a child genius, the baby in a family of three living siblings. Her twin went back to the creator at 6 months old. That is the equivalent of dying on Earth. The Normandiq family endured a string of horrific tragedies by the time she was 12 years old. She locked those tragedies away in a secret diary in her heart, just so she could breathe and move forward in her young life. Feeling like an old, unloved rag doll, she vowed never to get married or give anybody else the opportunity to leave her alone again. Little did she know the impact that secret diary would have on her adult life. She threw herself into achieving every form of the arts that interested her on this planet, dance, music, literature, languages, art, etc.

Not far away in the deep south, a handsome, hard-headed, soft-voiced, blond, teenage tenor was just stepping into the music world. So tall that he was teased by his peers, so country that he breathed the outdoors even when indoors. Boys bullied him for his countrified manners, his girly voice, and especially his constant habit of belting out country songs in the most inappropriate places. Girls loved his chiseled good looks and long, blond wavy hair, even when he wore a ponytail, and the fact that anything he sang always sounded like a love song.

Brandon’s father was a well-known racist with a holier-than-thou ego, not allowing anyone’s opinions besides his own, to flourish.

Brandon always felt like part of himself was missing, he was lonely. He often wondered what life would be like if his twin had lived. The doctors were never able to make an educated decision as to why his twin had died and he had lived. Their best-guessed diagnosis was pneumonia, yet he’d had the same thing at the same time, and he lived. His twin’s death tore his mother’s stability apart. She had only her faith and her best friend Judy to help her through the tragedy of losing one of her babies.

Melissa Honor Naitland-Danielson, his mother, was the only ray of light in Brandon’s heart. He truly loved his mother. He watched in wonderment how she held her head up so high, yet in addition to the grief of losing one of her babies so young, she was burdened down with the dark decisions of his father, always commandeering her thoughts and holding them hostage until she agreed to his way of thinking. No one could have a contradictory opinion in his father’s house. His father’s overbearing, racist personality led to many arguments in the Danielson household. He was not only racist, but he was also mean-spirited.

Music and video games were Brandon’s escape from the constant bickering in his family. His father always had a racial uproar festering in his home and the community of like-minded neighbors. Brandon had many minority friends. He had no prejudices and didn’t see a need for such nonsense. He and his father had always butted heads on the racial tension in his family, even when he was a child, too young to understand the ramifications of his actions.

Several of his friends started a band and they practiced every day in their families’ garages after school. His family had the biggest garage and it had doors on both ends so the airflow was perfect for a group of sweaty teenage boys playing musical instruments. They asked him to join the group, and he found out that the noises they made weren’t from real instruments at all. They made all of their music by mouth. That method of making music intrigued him and it meant his dad couldn’t complain too much about the noise. He threw himself into this very unique kind of band and it became his escape until he left home for college. With constant practice, the band became so good that it started gathering a following all around the southern countryside.

When Coni meets Brandon: Videos are the instruments of the introduction of the physical existence of each other. The two were living a parallel life of admiration that was brought to reality by a little girl named Wyllo and her grandfather, a talent scout and co-owner, of HoniBMusicAccess.jbc, an online digital entertainment company looking for new talent.

Tune in to find out how dark details of murder, drugs, and sex grabs these characters by the throat and thrusts them into suspense; a common denominator that brings an entire band into the family of one wealthy, talented young lady.

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