Daughter of the Skies

For those unfamiliar with Coni’s habit of erasing memories (See the erotic way she learned this skill in her debut book, My Heart Sings the Melody of My Love). Here is an excerpt from her new book, Daughter of the Skies,  showing how she used her extraordinary power to strip Russell’s memory of a portion of their survival of a horrific robbery attempt. The group went to the Waterfront in Washington, D.C., searching for a calm atmosphere and an excellent meal to soothe their raw nerves. They chose one of the famous seafood restaurants that boasted a delicious-sounding sugary dessert as their specialty.  They were not disappointed. After dinner, Coni excused herself and made a trip to the ladies’ room to freshen up.

“Coni came back to the table all smiles, looking at everybody full in the eye. Brandon said, “Babe, Russell says you have cat eyes.

She laughed, “Yeah, they are pretty much different than yours, aren’t they, Russell?” and she winked at him.

He immediately forgot what he was going to say, but still, he knew there was just something different about Coni, and he was so interested in finding out what it was. The other thing that intrigued him, he was the only one who seemed to notice her difference, and she knew he was aware of it.”

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