Review for My Heart Sings

My Heart Sings: The Melody of my Love by Jan Auggi Jones tells the beautiful love story of Coni and Brandon. It talks about how they both fell in love and the challenges that came with their love story.

Coni is a multitalented woman who is a judge, soldier, model, dancer, doctor, businesswoman, and philanthropist. When Brandon Danielson, the leader of a musical band, sees her performing in one of their previous videos, the very popular musician who is notorious for his sexual escapades because of his looks and celebrity status decides that he has to make this beautiful woman his own forever. Gradually, Coni and Brandon get to know each other. Brandon will discover that behind this woman of so many professional facets is a sick woman with clocks ticking away on her life. Their relationship encounters several struggles along the way. Are they able to survive them? Find out in this well-written book.

There are many positive aspects to this beautiful work, and I loved the way it was written. The author must have invested invaluable time into writing this book, as he ensured that almost every aspect of this book was perfect. The words used in the book were simple to understand; this ensured my ability to easily flow through the pages. I also salute the descriptive ability of the author. As I was reading, I felt like I was in the penthouse of the wealthy Coni. It was also as if I was right there with Brandon and the rest of the band, going on shows and meeting fans.

Many themes can be drawn from this work. These themes include love, repentance, change, philanthropy, and many others. The theme of love is the central theme of the story, and it is immediately portrayed in the story of Brandon and Coni and how they met and grew their love despite all the challenges they faced. Even the fact that Coni was quite richer than Brandon did not get in the way of their love. The theme of change can be seen in Brandon and the way he quickly changes after he meets Coni. He transforms from a celebrity used to using women to a passionate lover. Changing our perspective, in Coni’s life, the theme of philanthropy is displayed in how she used her massive wealth and influence to touch lives everywhere.

The only aspect of the book that I did not appreciate while reading it was that it was very lengthy. However, I understand that in order to ensure that the book was the magnificent book it turned out to be, it had to be well-detailed. Therefore, this will not affect my rating of the book. I rate this book five out of five stars. I did not rate it lower due to the numerous positive aspects I found while reading the book, coupled with the fact that it was professionally edited.

I recommend the book to lovers of romance novels. I also recommend it to individuals in relationships looking for motivation to believe that love can stand the test of time. I would also suggest that the book be read by a mature audience due to the sexual content of the book.

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